Strawberry Lassi- the best ever cooling drink for summer

  • Prep Time : 2m
  • Ready In : 3m

Summer is hot and scorching. There are many ways to beat the heat- guzzle down sodas or eat loads of icecreams.

One delightfully delicious, but healthy way is by drinking Lassi. Lassi, the famous drink of Punjab in India, is made from yoghurt.

Yoghurt is well known for its cooling properties and lassi is the best way to get everyone- kids and grownups alike to drink it.

Strawberry lassi is one of the most loved drinks in my house. So go on, use the summer bounty of strawberries- make this lassi now!


Strawberries- 1 cup

Yoghurt/ Curd- 1 cup ( 250 ml)

Water- 1/4 cup

Sugar- 3 tbsp

20150622-P1130393 20150622-P1130394




  1. Remove the  leaves of the strawberry. Halve and put into the blender. Add sugar or honey as desired .
  2. Add in the yoghurt.
  3. Blend.
  4. Depending on the consistency of the lassi, slowly add in the water , blending in between.
  5. Do not add in the water all at once.
  6. Serve chilled.
  7. Strawberry Lassi

I made my own yoghurt at home. Check here on how to achieve the perfect yoghurt.

I used my fabulous new Judge Yoghurt Maker to make this yoghurt.

Get yours here.

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