XLS Nutrition meal replacement shake- a review

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Protein is the most important element in our diet as we grow older, to preserve our muscles from depleting. However consuming adequate amounts of protein can be a tall order and it is not always feasible for people on the go.

XLS Nutrition is an easy way to do so. It is a meal replacement shake which contains 28 gms of protein as well as a mixture of various vitamins which are a good source of energy. XLS is made from soy protein and lactose reduced whey milk. This is a deliciously flavoured milk shake that has just 244 calories and will easily substitute a meal. I have on many a rush day, easily substituted this for my afternoon meal.

The best part is that it prevents deficiencies that could occur when we follow a self designed diet, that invariably misses out the vitamins and micro-nutrients.  However, this carefully prepared mixture by XLS Nutrition will provide many vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, thereby making diets much easier to follow.

Consuming it is very easy. Simply add to milk as a milkshake or if you’re adventurous, blend it with coffee and have a cold coffee.

Keto lovers can add it to their BPC – high fat coffee. Just add a tablespoon or so of coconut oil to make this.

I’m sure you’re wondering how much do you use per serving and how many times a day can you have this? It’s 4 flat scoops per meal and and it can replace 1-3 meals as required.

I quite liked the Vanilla flavour and am finding it very easy to keep up with the diet and am losing weight too!

It is easily available at leading supermarkets and Amazon. Why don’t you give it a try?

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