Wireless Headphones- A necessity of the modern age

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Living in a metropolitan city comes with its own problems. As it is not feasible to take your car everywhere, I am very often forced to travel on long journeys in a crowded train, and very often, I am alone on these journeys with no one to talk to. It can get boring sitting on your own talking to yourself for an hour or longer. Therefore, I listen to music on my MP3 player and my extensive albums allow me to never get bored on these journeys. It is most invaluable when I  have to take my son to his four hour long cricket matches, which believe me,  at times, can get extremely tedious. However, there is one big problem in this saga of peace. It is not rare that my earphone cable gets knotted and/or sometimes fall out of my ears, causing disruption to my blissful getaway.  This was a huge problem that bothered me a lot. Fortunately for me, my friends and family got so tired of my moaning that I was gifted a pair of wireless headphones.

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These are a lifesaver, as they do not get tangled and fall out much less. These can also be used whilst jogging, especially if you have wireless earphones. They are very easy to connect to your phone via Bluetooth and only require your phone to be less than a few metres away (differing between headphones). This makes them much easier to carry and they do not get stuck in your bag. It was not a rare occasion that my wired earphones would get tangled up with my keys (or other miscellaneous items) and cause a landslide, emptying my bag onto the floor.

In addition to that some wireless headphones, if compatible with your device and have a microphone, can be used to pick up and hang up calls, whilst your phone is still in your pocket or bag. Some can also pause and play your music, skip songs, and change the volume setting.

Wireless headphones are extremely easy to set up and from the second use the pairing is automatic. Also, they are very lightweight and have good sound quality, despite being free from attachment. Furthermore, they usually have quite good battery life but will eventually run out.

I even bought some for my husband who finds them very helpful for his work and work related phone calls. Also, my son enjoys using these to listen to his music and has asked me to get some for his friends because they are always trying to borrow them.

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