Spiced Orange and Coriander All Butter Brioche- perfect with Hoegarden

  • Servings : 3-4
  • Prep Time : 25m
  • Cook Time : 30m
  • Ready In : 37m

Do you like baking bread? I love the way the house smells while baking.

Did you know that both bread and beer go as far back as 6,000BC?

It’s funny how with just a few basic ingredients,  you can make such a great variety of both breads and beer- each with a different flavour, each with a different story to tell. So similar and yet so different.

Tom and Henry Herbert the famous Baker Brothers had a pop-up store at London selling some fabulous Beer bread. Now they have an online popup store which will bring you this exclusive bread- each bread  inspired by a different beer from AB Inbev.

The Beer Bakery Bread boxes will sell for £19 and are available online upto the 31st of December 2015.

There are 6 exciting breads.

Spelt and Barley Pineapple Soda Bread– made with chunks of pineapple and soda is reminiscent of Stella Artois and goes with mature cheddar.

Blond Sourdough– the hint of malt goes best with Leffe Blond and is great for a rustic sandwich

Spiced Orange & Coriander all Butter Brioche– spiced with nutmeg, cloves and fresh coriander, this bread is based on the Hoegaarden Beer and is served as 6 glazed buns

Sea Salt & Lime encrusted Cornbread– inspired by Corona this goes well with Guacamole, hot salsa and sour cream

Bud Tiger Bread– inspired by Budweiser, this is great for a NY Reuben sandwich or just as a toast.

Apple Walnut and Malted Wheat Seeded Loaf– this bread is perfect for the Ploughman’s sandwich and is perfect for Beck’s Vier

I couldn’t resist trying out the Spiced Orange and Coriander All butter Brioche. I had a great deal of fun making it.

I would heartily recommend that you try it out too. Better still go online to The Beer Bakery and order your bread box by the 31st of December 2015.


Nothing as therapeutic as kneading bread or devouring it!



  • Strong white flour- 280 gm
  • Eggs, beaten- 2
  • Sugar- 60 gm
  • Milk- 60 ml
  • Unsalted butter- 60gm
  • Fresh yeast- 20gm
  • Orange zest- 1 orange
  • Coriander- 10 gm, finely chopped
  • Sea salt- 2 tsp
  • Nutmeg powder- 1 pinch
  • Cloves powder- 1 pinch

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Step 1

Beat the eggs in a small bowl and zest the orange. Ensure that the butter is at room temperature.

Step 2

In a large bowl, combine the flour, eggs, sugar, yeast and milk . Keep mixing till you get a dough.

Step 3

Knead to a smooth consistency and then work the butter into the dough.

Step 4

Cover the dough and put it in a fridge for 24 hours. This helps strengthen the flavours and helps the bread develop a really good flavour.

Step 5

After 24 hours, remove the dough from the oven and divide into 6 evenly sized balls and put into a tray that has ben lined with baking paper.

Step 6

Cover and leave aside for 4-6 hours until they've doubled in size.

Step 7

Preheat the ovn to 210C or 410F

Step 8

Brush the dough with the leftover eggs to give a beautiful shine.

Step 9

Bake for 30 minutes until loaf is golden.


I hope you enjoy making it as much as I did!

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