Light Rye Bread for the Bread Maker


Have I mentioned that I love baking bread? Maybe more times than I care to remember.

And It’s not just me that goes mad. It is the entire family. It’s funny how each and every person around is excited looking at the dough rise, and even more excited when it’s baked. There’s so much to discuss- the colour, the crumb, the flavour. It is really funny. Don’t remember ever having such a huge discussion about anything else.


So last week, we decided to make some light rye bread, rather than the regular sandwich bread. So I decided to mix a third of rye into the bread flour, toss in some seeds and a few hours later, I had the most delightful, soft bread waiting for me.


It stayed perfectly fresh and soft for 2-3 days, wrapped in foil in this summer heat we have this year in London, and made some brilliant sandwiches.


Why don’t you try it out too?


1 cup rye flour

2 34 cups bread flour

13 cup brown sugar (I use the granulated type)

Mixed seeds100 gm

1 12 teaspoons salt

2 tablespoons butter

1 12 cups warm water

1 sachet dry yeast



  1. Put the water into the machine. Add in the butter.
  2. Put in both the flours.
  3. Put salt in one corner, yeast in another and sugar in the third.
  4. Put the machine to Sandwich bread setting


That’s it!

Enjoy by itself, toasted with slatherings of butter or then just make a sandwich.


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