Kophir Shingada recipe—a cauliflower stuffed Samosa from Bengal

  • Servings : 10
  • Prep Time : 20m
  • Cook Time : 20m
  • Ready In : 40m

Samosas are the one thing that makes anyone’s mouth water.

When I lived in Mumbai, I could never watch a movie without eating samosas. I loved them so much.

Samosas have a variety of stuffing- some purely vegetarian, which can vary from just spicy potato or peas to the absolutely non vegetarian ones stuffed with lamb or chicken mince.

These cauliflower and peanut stuffed samosas are a speciality of the East, and my husband’s favourite!


Ingredients for the stuffing

Cauliflower, finely chopped—1 cup                                                              20141004-P1100102

Potato, finely diced—1/4 cup

Peanuts, roasted—2 tsp

Ginger, grated—1 tsp

Garam masala/ Bengali garam masala—1 tsp

Cumin seeds- 1/2 tsp + 1/2 tsp

Salt—to taste

Ingredients for the cover

Maida ( All purpose flour)— 1 1/2 cup

Salt—1 pinch

Sugar—1 tsp

Oil—2-3 tsp

Water—about 1/2 cup


Method for the stuffing

20141004-P1100054 20141004-P1100055

Chop cauliflower small. Dice potato small. In a wok, heat 1 tsp oil, add 1/2 tsp cumin, potatoes and salt to taste. Fry till golden brown. Keep aside.

20141004-P1100059 20141004-P1100066

Heat 2 tsp oil again in the same wok. Add 1/2 tsp cumin and 1-2 tsp grated ginger. In 30 seconds, add the chopped cauliflower and fry well till brown. Add in the chopped roasted peanuts and 1/2- 1 tsp garam masala or Bengali garam masala. Add 1 green/ red fresh chilli. Adjust salt to taste.

Method for the samosa cover

20141004-P1100065 20141004-P1100069

In the flour, add the salt, sugar, oil and crumble together. Add enough water to make a dough. A tight dough will ensure a crispy samosa.  Cover the dough and keep aside for 10-15 minutes at least.

Now heat oil in a wok, when hot, reduce the heat and keep it aside, ready for frying.

20141004-P1100072 20141004-P1100076

Make lemon sized balls. Roll out to an oval shape.Generally when you roll something made from maida, it changes shape whenever you lift it. The test of the tightness of the dough is that even when you pick a rolled disc and throw it down, it stays the same shape.

Cut into 2 parts lengthwise. Apply water from the middle to the side along the edge.

20141004-P1100077 20141004-P1100078

Bring corners together, one under the other,  to make a cone. Press the stuffing down with a spoon, brush water along the inside top edges and pinch the end of the cover opposite the join.

20141004-P1100086 20141004-P1100080

Now bring opposite sides together likeso and press together with your thumb , bringing it forward. Sit the samosa up on the fold.

20141004-P1100085 20141004-P1100083

Make a few more. Fry on a low heat till crispy and brown.

20141004-P1100092 20141004-P1100093


20141004-P1100111 20141004-P1100112

Serve hot with chutney or ketchup


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