How to cook Basmati Rice in the Microwave- perfectly every single time!

  • Servings : 2-3
  • Prep Time : 2m
  • Cook Time : 12m
  • Ready In : 15m

Are you scared of cooking rice and tend to dip into the supermarket – steam it isles? Well try this recipe and you will not only save yourself bucket-loads of money, but also thank me, a lot 🙂

Cooking rice is very easy on the hob, cooking in the microwave takes all the stress out of it. No half cooked/ burnt rice, ever now.

How to? Well, here goes.


  • Rice- 1 cup
  • Water, room temperature- 2 cups
  • Salt (optional)- 1 pinch



Step 1

Wash the rice in water till clean and the water is not cloudy any more.

Step 2

Add in 2 cups of water and pop it into the microwave.

Step 3

Cook for 10-12 minutes.

Step 4

Let stand for 5 minutes. When the rice is ready, you will see the rice grains slant up slighty.

Step 5

Fluff up with a fork before serving.



1. The time varies depending on the power of your microwave and the thickness of the bowl you are cooking in. If you use plastic, it will take about 9-10 minutes to cook, but a pyrex/ glass bowl would take a couple of minutes longer. As you go on, you will figure out the time for your microwave.

2. For a variation, add in a handful of finely diced carrots, peas and sweet corn. Add in some salt for taste. If using frozen vegetables, though, remember that they have water already, so you will need to allow 2-3 minutes extra time.

3. Use the same method  whether you use Basmati rice, long grain rice or any other rice, apart from Chinese sticky rice for  perfect fluffy rice.

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