Butternut Squash and Chestnut Soup- a Sunrise Senior Living recipe

  • Servings : 4

Winter is a lot like old age, cold and relentless. So when that time arrives, we all need a a bit of good food and good cheer.

So how do old people manage food on their own? What sort of food do old people get in homes when they are not so independent as they used to be. I often wonder.

I got a chance to get a peek into their food when I was asked to review  a recipe book from Sunrise Senior Living. They have recently  launched Taste of Sunrise an event that allows the public to get a feel of the place- meet the staff, taste the food and feel familiar with the place.

This book contains some of their favourite recipes, designed by Michelin starred chefs. The meals are made with an eye on the residents health needs as well. They nutritionally balanced, while still pampering the tastebuds.

Now I am a big lover of Butternut Squash be it fried, roasted, chips or just in a curried vegetable – Indian style. Love it. No surprise there, when I chose to make this warming  Butternut Squash and Chestnut Soup.

Now Butternut Squash soup is something that everyone makes but – the addition of Chestnuts was most intriguing. I was quite impressed by the results. The chestnuts lent a lovely creaminess to the soup alongwith a good dose of manganese, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and copper. A smart shift from adding just cream which would’ve only added empty calories.


I was really impressed because there is someone out there like Sunrise who cares about old people, not just about putting them up, but about serving them good food healthily.

After all, even when we grow old, we still need to eat well, don’t we?


  • Butternut squash, diced- 140 gm
  • Chestnuts, tinned- 140 gm
  • Vegetable stock/ Water- 430 ml
  • Warm whole milk-
  • Double Cream- 20 ml
  • Thyme, 1 pinch, optional
  • Cinnamon powder- 1 pinch
  • Nutmeg powder- 1 pinch


Step 1

In a large pan, put in the diced chestnuts, squash and the stock. Bring to the boil.

Step 2

Once it boils, reduce the gas, cover and let simmer for 15 minutes until the bittrnut squash is tender and cooked.

Step 3

Transfer to a blender and puree until smooth or else use your hand blender.

Step 4

Pour back into the pan and whisk in the milk.

Step 5

Warm gently.

Step 6

Whisk in the thyme, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Step 7

Add salt and pepper to taste and serve hot with a swirl of fresh cream.

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