Breakfast Superjuice- 10 reasons you should drink this everyday


Life gets more and more stressful by the day- we seem to be juggling more and  more things than ever before.

Why not start off your stressful day with this blood pressure busting, health promoting juice?

This juice has a long number of ingredients- beetroot, celery, apples, cucumber, spinach, ginger, oranges, carrots….. Intrigued, eh?

But let’s look at why this juice is so important.

  1. Beetroot, celery, cucumber all help regulate blood pressure, especially when juiced.
  2. Carrot juice stimulates the  secretion of digestive juices, serving as a great appetizer and ginger aids digestion.
  3. Apples, cucumber and spinach all contain Vitamin C – to cure bleeding gums, eczema, asthma.
  4. Apples and spinach both have a high content of potassium that helps  prevent loss of calcium, preserve bone density and prevent osteoporosis. Vitamin K present in spinach helps anchor calcium in your bones , thus fighting osteoporosis.
  5. The silicon and sulphur content in cucumber juice promotes hair growth, especially when mixed with carrot or spinach juice.
  6. Apples contain a natural laxative. It is most effective when mixed with carrots and spinach juices. Drinking apple juice mixed with carrot juice is a sure way to ease constipation.
  7. Spinach helps in the creation of red blood cells and prevents anaemia.
  8. Apple has malic acid that improves muscle performance, eliminates tiredness, prevents muscle stiffness, and reduces lethargy to increase energy levels.
  9. Apples and carrots have anti-cancer properties
  10. Carrot juice improves eyesight because carrots contain both beta-carotene and lutein, both of which protect vision, specifically night vision.

I could go on and on .. the benefits are immense..  making it is so simple.

I made this juice in my beautiful  new Stellar Juicer that has now become indispensable, juicing is so much easier. Read my review here.


  • Apples- 2
  • Spinach- 1 handful
  • Celery- 1/2 stick
  • Cucumber- 1/2
  • Carrots- 2
  • Beetroot-1
  • Ginger- 1 inch (optional)
  • Orange-1
  • Clementine-1


Step 1

Wash and peel the carrots, oranges, beet, cucumber and clementine and ginger.

Step 2

Start stacking up the juicer chute with the fruits. Wash and roll the spinach between fruits. Put in the soft fruits first, followed by the harder fruits.

Step 3

Juice and serve straight away.


I have added orange juice, of course for its health benefits, but  mainly because the oranges and clementines both add a balance to the taste.

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