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Lio Licious – freeze dried ingredients for your kitchen

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I love adding fruit and vegetables to my cooking and I was very excited when Lio Licious asked me to try out their Freeze dried fruit range. I must admit, I was rather intrigued because hitherto, I had always used fresh or frozen produce, never freeze dried. This range of... more

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XLS Nutrition meal replacement shake- a review

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 0 Comments | | Category: Health, Products, Reviews

  Protein is the most important element in our diet as we grow older, to preserve our muscles from depleting. However consuming adequate amounts of protein can be a tall order and it is not always feasible for people on the go. XLS Nutrition is an easy way to do... more

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Wireless Headphones- A necessity of the modern age

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Living in a metropolitan city comes with its own problems. As it is not feasible to take your car everywhere, I am very often forced to travel on long journeys in a crowded train, and very often, I am alone on these journeys with no one to talk to. It... more

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A stunning new porcelain Table Essentials Range from Judge

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    We love stylish things in our house don’t we? Sleek lines and modern furniture are the choice of most homes. Judge Cookware has come out with this really stylish range ‘ Table Essentials‘ that caters to every need that a family has- from regular use to stylish dining.... more

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Brilliantly Easy Mac and Cheese – an all-time favourite

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Pasta is the universal food of kids all over and Mac and cheese is the ...

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