Specialty Chefs Pans from Stellar Cookware

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If like me, you’re juggling with a million dishes to cook and between different pots and pans and a tiny kitchen, I recommend you have a look at this latest collection of Chefs pans from Stellar Cookware. Made out of 18/10 Stainless Steel, the pans have a lovely shape and... more

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Scoff Box- a review

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 2 Comments | | Category: Reviews

A few days ago I was sent something to review that made my son’s eyes light up in delight . Can you guess what it was? A Scoff Box- a box filled to the brim with sweets. Now who would’nt like that? It came in a lovely packaging with bright... more

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Kitchen Trends for 2016

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So what do you think is the kitchen trend in 2016? What are kitchens going to be like? Soft, pastel shades or bright, bold, shocking colours? Straight sleek Scandinavian designs or vintage? What kind of kitchen would you prefer? Here’s what Mayfair Granite predict. Flooring: Large-format Flooring and Luxury Vinyl... more

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Shaken Udder Milkshakes – a review

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I love milkshakes- pure lovely milkshakes which have just milk and fresh fruits or natural flavours. That is my solution when hunger strikes. My son sometimes grumbles and says- Hungry means something to eat not drink- I don’t want a milkshake. …  but after a glass of frothy, delicious milkshake,... more

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Joe Delucci’s Gelato

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Who doesn’t like Icecream? But Gelato, well, it is something else. After my trip to Italy, I only eat Gelato. Period. So when I was asked whether I would like to try out the new flavour of Joe Delucci’s Gelato that they plan to launch in Tesco, I said yes.... more

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