Kitchen Trends for 2016

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So what do you think is the kitchen trend in 2016? What are kitchens going to be like?

Soft, pastel shades or bright, bold, shocking colours?

Straight sleek Scandinavian designs or vintage? What kind of kitchen would you prefer?

Here’s what Mayfair Granite predict.


Large-format Flooring and Luxury Vinyl will be the highlight of this season.

Tiles have always been a popular choice for kitchen floors as they are hard wearing, easy to clean and available in a wide range of colours. Mayfair Granite predicts that 2016 will see Large-Format tiles becoming even more popular; these larger tiles mean less grout lines leading to a much cleaner look, something that will be popular this year as sleek designs continue to be king.

Luxury Vinyl too, will  be a popular choice this year. Luxury vinyl combines the high quality realistic look of hardwood or stone with the durability of vinyl making it a natural fit for the kitchen.

Large Floor Tiles

I agree with this. Tiles make cleaning easy ,especially if you have a busy kitchen like mine, where something is always bubbling away!

Large tiles also give a sense of space. Light coloured, large tiles would get my vote everytime!

And Luxury VInyl can really trick you into believing that it is indeed hardwood or stone- at a fraction of the cost!

Colourful Cabinets

Mayfair predict that contrasting cabinets will be the order of the year. Combining different colours, textures and materials into one room will give the overall design depth and produce an eye-catching and exciting space.

Quartz 1

Black is a daring colour, on all your kitchen cupboards, but set off with the bright red, it looks absolutely stunning in this sleek kitchen. Of course, you have to ensure that all the other gadgets and fittings are sleek and understated, otherwise the kitchen  could end up looking really gaudy.

Dark greys and blacks would however dominate the choice for kitchen platforms, since they create a luxurious look.


A new focal point in the kitchen is expected to be a bright and vibrant sink instead of the usual blend-in stainless steel or white one. This would work in a simple, understated kitchen.

I think a fancy sink would do in a guest bathroom, but I am not sure how it would work in a kitchen. For me what would work best is a nice large sink – or two!

Bold Bright Appliances

Most kitchen appliances are understated or are white, black or steel so as to go with the kitchen. Some people colour co-ordinate most of their appliances- kettle, microwave, Kitchenaid! But rarely have I seen bigger appliances that are bright.

Colourful Appliances

Mayfair predict a splash of colour throughout the kitchen, even in appliances not just the cabinets and sinks!

That is a bold move, I say!

Open shelving is also predicted to be big in 2016, a good way to showcase your beautiful dishes, glasses and cookware on shelves rather than tuck away away in expensive cabinets. Open shelving can help to increase your storage options, increase the amount of light in the room and produce a sense of space, perfect for smaller rooms.

All that is perfect for a minimalist kitchen, that rarely sees the use of many spices or cuisines. A kitchen where most of the food cooked is store bought cooked or oven cooked food. If it is a kitchen like mine that cooks a multitude of cuisines, where the nnumber of spices simply cannot be counted on your fingers, then closed cabinets is the practical answer. You want a sleek look,  not overcrowded open shelves with bottles peering over each other to grab your attention.

So my 2 bits- get shelving or cupboards- not just because they are in style, but because they should fulfill your needs.

Pendant lighting and LED strips

A kitchen needs lighting, proper lighting!

Mayfair Granite feels that harsh strip lights and recessed lighting are passe.  2016 will see the emergence of pendant lighting and under cabinet lighting.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights can create a relaxing environment in the kitchen, while under cabinet lighting provides better visibility for tasks such as food preparation and chopping. Low voltage light strips are also a good choice for illuminating inside and above cabinets to create a dynamic effect.

So make the right choice this year, when you design your kitchen.

This post was in collaboration with Mayfair Granite.
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