Pirate Headband

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 0 Comments | | Category: Knitting

So I’ve been caught by the knitting bug recently, and have been trying my hand at some beginner projects, basically scarves and caps. My most complicated, as well as successful project is this pirate headband. Made to order for my 7 year old. As you can imagine, its the perfect... more

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My experiments with Food

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 8 Comments | | Category: About

I grew up in Mumbai, grew up eating Konkani food, my family origins being from Konkan, the western coastal region of  Maharashtra and Goa. As a child, I was never really allowed to meddle in the kitchen.  Study and play made up most of my life.  Although before  Diwali, me... more

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