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Judge Continental Pan Collection

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Every kitchen needs some good sturdy pans, especially a kitchen like mine, where something is always bubbling away on the gas. I was really delighted when I was sent these two wonderful pans, the 26 cm Saute pan and the 24 cm Nonstick frying pan from the Judge Continental Pan collection.... more

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Erlenbacher’s Taste of Summer in Christmas

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The other day, I received these fabulous desserts from Erlenbacher, the Fruits of the Forest Tart and the Strawberry Vanilla Cake to sample. Having already sampled their fabulous Premium Apple Pie, we were rather curious about these new delicacies.   The strawberry cake was promptly attacked and devoured. Made of strawberries... more

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Finum Look Touch Taste–A stylish grinder for Salt, Pepper or Spices

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I love funky gadgets, especially salt and pepper grinders. My latest acquisition is this grinder from Finum’s Look, Touch Taste Range that can easily grind salt, pepper or spices for you. The Finum grinder, the Winner of Interior Innovation Award 2014 and Good Design Award,  is a patented spice, salt and pepper grinder... more

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Green Earth Ceramic frying Pans- a revolutionary concept

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The most important thing in a kitchen is a set of good pans. Over the years, I’ve tried them all. The aluminium, anodised, cast iron, non-stick- cheap version, non-stick- ultra expensive version- tried them all. And I go through a lot of pans- I cook so much. Recently I got... more

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Thai Pumpkin Soup recipe—a soup with a kick

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Ever since I came to London, winter and Butternut/ Pumpkin squash soup seem to go ...

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