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Scoff Box- a review

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 2 Comments | | Category: Reviews

A few days ago I was sent something to review that made my son’s eyes light up in delight . Can you guess what it was? A Scoff Box- a box filled to the brim with sweets. Now who would’nt like that? It came in a lovely packaging with bright... more

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Shaken Udder Milkshakes – a review

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 0 Comments | | Category: Products, Reviews

I love milkshakes- pure lovely milkshakes which have just milk and fresh fruits or natural flavours. That is my solution when hunger strikes. My son sometimes grumbles and says- Hungry means something to eat not drink- I don’t want a milkshake. …  but after a glass of frothy, delicious milkshake,... more

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Joe Delucci’s Gelato

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 0 Comments | | Category: Reviews

Who doesn’t like Icecream? But Gelato, well, it is something else. After my trip to Italy, I only eat Gelato. Period. So when I was asked whether I would like to try out the new flavour of Joe Delucci’s Gelato that they plan to launch in Tesco, I said yes.... more

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Golden sunny yolks and Black Farmer Free Range Eggs.

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 8 Comments | | Category: Reviews

What’s in an egg? An egg tastes like any other, you’d say. But I was pleasantly surprised when I tried these Free Range Eggs from The Black Farmer. These eggs are eggs laid by  British Freedom Food hens fed on a rich and varied diet and have a really deep... more

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Happy days with Ching’s Lotus Wok

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 7 Comments | | Category: Events, Products, Reviews

A few days ago, I celebrated the Chinese New Year in style with JML at the Cookery School. JML had a really exciting event to launch the Lotus Wok. The lovely Ching He Huan was there to talk about the Wok and demonstrate some fab Chinese dishes. This incredibly versatile... more

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