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Pancakes at Le Cordon Bleu with Great British Chefs

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 0 Comments | | Category: Events, Masterclass

So what makes the perfect pancake? I attended a masterclass at the Le Cordon Bleu, organised by Great Britsh Chefs to find out all about it. Here are some tips from Chef Tom Brown’s masterclass  where he made some fabulous pancakes with forced Rhubarb. Chef Tom Brown is head chef... more

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Lunchbox ideas with the Flora Lunchbox challenge

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 2 Comments | | Category: Events

So what do you pack into your kid’s lunchboxes? Is it possible to ensure a balanced meal everyday? It is necessary, though, to provide kids with a balanced meal so that they have enough energy to last the day and the brain works properly as well. Sugary treats will raise... more

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Pickling vegetables with Sarsons and Kilner Jars

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 19 Comments | | Category: Events, Masterclass | Tags : , , ,

Pickles are the one thing that can bring even the most bland meal alive and they happen to sneak up on my plate, whatever the cuisine. So imagine my excitement when I was invited to a pickling workshop that was conducted by Sarsons, UK’s leading vinegar brand and Kilner Jars,... more

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Sushi shop – a terrific Masterclass

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 5 Comments | | Category: Events

I’ve been making sushi for sometime now. I learned it from a friend and since my family enjoys cooking together, we make sushi together once in a while. So  I was delighted to be invited to a sushi making masterclass at Sushi Shop in Marylebone. Time to perfect my sushi-making... more

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Happy days with Ching’s Lotus Wok

By: Vaishali Sengupta | 7 Comments | | Category: Events, Products, Reviews

A few days ago, I celebrated the Chinese New Year in style with JML at the Cookery School. JML had a really exciting event to launch the Lotus Wok. The lovely Ching He Huan was there to talk about the Wok and demonstrate some fab Chinese dishes. This incredibly versatile... more

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