Judge Digital Yoghurt Maker- an easy way to make yoghurt

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     Yoghurt is an important part of my diet. Especially in  India, a meal is simply never complete without yoghurt.

Back home, in the hot humid weather, setting yoghurt at home was easy, but here, in London, it seems like a Herculean task.

I was so delighted with my new toy, this beautiful and sleek Yoghurt Maker from Judge Cookware that makes the process so simple.

It is however necessary to get the right starter. You cannot use just any yoghurt as base.

Get a pot of Asda smart Price, big Blue Sainsbury’s own brand yoghurt or Tesco yoghurt or Lancashire Farm Yoghurt- whichever yoghurt is easy to obtain for you. If you don’t find these brands ensure that your starter yoghurt has live cultures.

The yoghurt maker is simple to operate. It basically has a flat round base that holds 7 bottles of 150 ml each. Each of these bottles has a different coloured lid, each of them vibrant- blue, white, red, pink , green yellow and lavender- perfect for identifying  for different members of the family or days of the week!

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The process is simple. Mix the starter yoghurt, with warm milk upto 40C and pour into the glass bottles. Pop the lids on, put them into the base unit, switch on and leave the rest to the yoghurt maker and the lactobacilii.


The unit has a  timer on front that automatically sets itself to 8 hours but you could adjust it to less if you like. I personally think in warmer seasons, 6-7 hours is enough for the yoghurt to set. In the colder months however, it does take upto 8 hours.


 Check out how thick the yoghurt is. Don’t be surprised by the froth. It is because I whisked the milk and yoghurt together- it makes the yoghurt more dense and delicious.
 Do remember if that if you want really thick yoghurt that can be scooped out like a heaped spoon, you will need to use full fat milk- the pleasure of eating a spoonful of the yoghurt is out of the world.


However, if it does make you feel guilty, then use semi skimmed or skimmed milk. It will be less firm and more runny, but just as good for your gut.

Remember a shortcut for getting firm milk is adding a couple of teaspoons of milk powder dissolved in warm milk. This will help the yoghurt set firm and it will not release any water.

The best things about this gadget are:

  1. Ease of operation.
  2. Dishwasher safe.
  3. Different coloured lids to identify.
  4. Yoghurt made in pennies. It is incredibly cheap to make your own yoghurt.
  5. No preservatives. You know what goes into your yoghurt. Nothing except milk and the starter yoghurt.
  6. Calorie controlled. You can be sure of  the exact number of calories that you are consuming and use your favourite kind of milk.
  7. Judge has also supplied a well illustrated instruction booklet that makes first time yoghurt making simple.


I loved using the yoghurt maker. I made yoghurt and served it up with honey, nuts, blueberries and cereal.

I also made some Strawberry Lassi that is a big big favourite in my house.


So do go and get yourself this yoghurt maker. It will make a world of difference to your family’s health  and your waistline. That it will save many many quid is something you will not regret.

You can buy it at Amazon or

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