Yauatcha City London – a culinary delight

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I love dimsums and I try them out every chance I get. It is no wonder, therefore that Yauatcha, the dimsum specialist os one of my favourite hauants. Can you believe that I have eaten at 3 of Yauatcha ‘s restaurants in  in 2 continents.

I’ve tried the dimsums at both Bangalore and Mumbai in India and yesterday I had the 9 course tasting meal at Yauatcha City, the lovely dimsum dining restaurant at Liverpool Street, London.

Located very close to Liverpool Street station, this restaurant is easy to get to.

The restaurant is lovely and large and teeming with waiters who are extremely polite and courteous.

For me, this was a special occasion as I was there to celebrate my wedding anniiversary.

We started off with some cucumber pickle and while we munched on them..


the rest of our very elaborate 9 course meal was brought in one by one.

We toasted off with a lovely Licchi martini cocktail- which was lovely, perfect balance of fruit and alchohol- not overly sweet either.


Then came the dimsums.


The first to arrive were the delicate steamed dimsums. These are the Crystal dumpling with pumpkin and pinenuts– which were absolutely gorgeous accompanied by the thin skinned Hargau that were stuffed with delicious prawns- an absolute delight to eat.

Then came the fried Dimsums.


Venison puff in a pastry like dough and the Mushroom spring roll which was exquisite.


Then came the beautiful Cheung fun or rolled rice noodles sitting in a bed of soya sauce-  it had a wonderful prawn stuffing and variety of textured, the fried inside and the soft outside were superb.


The next to arrive was sticky rice with prawns and chicken in a lotus leaf. It was delicious.


The last of the dimsums were also the most pretty-


And the dessrt was Macarons in some delightful flavours- Rose, Matcha, Popcorn and Salted caramel.

By then we were so stuffed withthe dimsums, that we ended our meal with some coffee and asked the waiter to pack them up.


Which he did very beautifully indeed!

So if you’re in the city , hungry, especially for Dim sum , I would highly recommend you pop over to Broadgate circle and head straight for Yautacha City.

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