Thermal Gravy Pot from Judge

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Keeping roast warm and yet tender and keeping the gravy hot until serving time is what is most difficult.

The gravy always seems to be cooler than what you want if you make it ahead, so often the hostess is rushing around at the last minute trying to serve hot gravy.

This Thermal Gravy Pot from Judge cookware seems to simply make these problems vanish into thin air.


This very stylish looking Thermal pot is made of stainless steel and has a very easy to hold handle and lid made of black plastic. It holds 450 ml, a very decent amount, that is very handy at parties.


The pot is very sturdy and keeps your liquids at just the temperature you desire.


So whether you are looking to keep your custard cool or your gravy hot, this is just the product for you.

Fabulously made and with thick walls, I am simply in love with this product.

I have even used it to store my soup which I make for 2 portions and it keeps it nice and warm.

It also adds a touch of class to your kitchen, such a goodlooking piece. It is also very very easy to clean and store away.

Do pop over to Judge Cookware and order a Thermal Gravy Pot for yourself.


I was sent this item for review and was not required to write a positive outcome. All experiences and views expressed herein are as always, my very own




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