The Sealife Centre at Great Yarmouth- a review

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A few weeks ago, we were invited to visit and review the Sea Life Centre at Great Yarmouth.

The Sea Life Centre at Great Yarmouth has something for people of all ages. From tiny little Nemo to the long long Eel , the dangerous shark and the cute little turtles, you have them all.

The reception staff are quite freindly and will guide you into the centre, which is quite large and has a good variety of fish.

At the outset, you meet the Conger Eel.20160611-IMG_1402

Can you see the eel peeking out?

The centre also does its bit in trying to educate the little ones. Here’s an interesting example.

20160611-IMG_1417   20160611-IMG_1418

What fish do you think this is?

I was quite impressd by how cleverly they have done this. Teach kids about cleanliness when they are young truly sets them up for life.

Then we saw some really huge fish called Pacu. Large blue fish that swim across far too swiftly to

get the entire fish in one photo!  Interestingly, big as they seem, these fish although related to Piranha, are vegetarian and love eating fruit and vegetables.

20160611-IMG_1434  20160611-IMG_1436

The fish are massive and move so fast that it is had to capture the whole fish on the camera.

Then, it was the biggest attraction of the museums, the penguins. The centre has quite a few Humboldt penguins and they are an absolute delighht to watch.

20160611-IMG_1443     20160611-IMG_1445

20160611-IMG_1449 20160611-IMG_1447

Watching the little fellows was really exciting. I think they are the most curious animals looking almost dignified in their appearance, as if they were dressed for a ball.

The centre has specific feeding time for the penguins,  so if you are planning a visit, make sure that you check the timing, because it is an exciting experience.

20160611-IMG_1710   20160611-IMG_1711

You can see how they queue up here obediently , waiting for their queue. And the moment, they’ve had their feed of fish, they jump in for a quick swim. Very very cute!


The centre also has a good variety of rays and you can watch them swim in their large tanks. It is quite a sight.


20160611-IMG_1460 20160611-IMG_1463 20160611-IMG_1475

You can also touch Starfish and tiny shrimp,  an amazing experience for kids.

20160611-IMG_1504   20160611-IMG_1493

There is a nice cafe and gift shop in the centre itself, so you could refuel and buy lots of gifts before you leave.

20160611-IMG_1705 20160611-IMG_1703

The shop has lots of stuffed toys for kids as well as science sets, crystals etc: Take your pick.


All in all, a good experience.

Visiting the Centre can take about 2 hours, so plan your trip accordingly.

The Centre is right on the beach, and parking can prove to be a nightmare , especially if it is a sunny day, then most people would’ve taken up all the parking space on the streets opposite. However, there is a paid car park close to it, so you will eventually find place somewhere. Do also remember to check on the penguin feeding timings and ticket deals. Would certainly save you a pretty penny or two!


Disclaimer: I was invited to visit and review this centre but was not required to write a positive review.


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