Riverford Farm Restaurant- a unique field to table dining experience

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A trip to Devon is for pampering our tastebuds- and what better way than to visit Riverford Farm- who has been diligently delivering veg boxes all over town. We thought that it would be really interesting to give the place a visit and find out what makes their food so interesting.

So what’s the big deal about Organic cooking and fresh produce- does it really make a difference?

For a really eyeopening experience, a visit to this cafe is a must.

The cafe itself is set amidst the farm that grows all these vegetables. We had a lovely stroll in the farm.

The cafe also has a unique way of serving. All the food arrives in a platter for the table. So say it is roasted vegetables, then a large baking dish is served per table, where the diners then help themselves.

The food was absolutely delicious- whether it was the salads, the herb roasted chicken, gratin or the desserts- the quality of the produce shone through everything.

For the first time, I tasted ‘sweet’ leaves in a salad. Though I often buy sweet leaf salad in the supermarkets, never have I come across such a wonderful experience of leaf eating.

So as my grandma used to say, when the food is fresh, you don’t need too many spices in it.

That was very apparent in the food cooked at the Riverford cafe- a minimum of spices, use of good olive oil, excellent produce and the taste fabulous.

So those of you who still wonder- what’s so great about fresh organic produce you have your answer!

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