Non stick Table Grill from Judge

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My latest toy in the kitchen is this fab Table grill from Judge.


With its large cooking surface- 430x220mm, this grill can single handedly do the cooking for your party.. Clean up is easy as well due to the non stick surface.


Photo courtesy – Judge Cookware

What I really like is that you can adjust the temperature of the grill from 120ºC to 240ºC, plus it also has a ‘Keep Warm’ setting. This is particularly handy when you have guests.


Photo courtesy – Judge Cookware

The nonstick surface means that you dont have to add tons of oil while cooking, and the heating plate is also designed to drain away fat into a  removable drip tray – a neat feature which enables excess unwanted fat to be drained away. This has 2 advantages- no extra fat plus clean up is a breeze-  it does not grease and coat  the grill.



Photo courtesy – Judge Cookware

This grill can fulfill most of your cooking needs- be it a fry up or a few pancakes- this should do it all without the need of turning on the gas.

We were really excited by the grill and decided to make some Healthy Bean Burgers.

Recipe here.


I decided to have my burger without the bread and so had them with lettuce wraps instead and jazzed them up with some jalapeno.


I loved that I could simply brush the surface if the grill with some oil and fry all my burgers in it.

A healthy meal for my family.

I also loved that the size is so big- I actually made all the burgers in one go!20171005-P1180558

Now that says a lot for size doesn’t it?


That’s the mean beast!

I would recommend that you get yourself one so you could have your BBQ parties even in the middle of winter.

Or then you simply might feel inclined to wash up less and not turn on the gas- well, then here’s your solution.

To get your own Non stick Table Grill, pop over to Judge Cookware and find out your nearest dealer

Disclosure: I tested the table top grill but was not required to write to write a positive revew. All views and opinions expressed herein, are as always, my very own.
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