Multicooker from REDMOND- a fantastic kitchen gadget!

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A fantastic Multicooker from REDMOND– a true One Pot wonder that steams, fries, sautes, cooks rice and even makes yoghurt. An appliance that threatens to do away with the traditional gas hob and ovens.

This is how the beauty looks.



Sleek eh?


It has a display panel on the front that lets you choose the cooking mode, whether Fry, or cook or Multicook – quite easy once you get the hang of it.


It has one main cooking bowl that cooks everything, a deep fryer and a steaming plate.

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Exciting eh?

At the outset, I decided to try a typical Indian dessert- The Pumpkin Halwa – a pudding made with coconut milk.


Pumpkin Halwa with Coconut milk- A decadent Indian dessert

I simply loved making it in the REDMOND Multicooker, do you know why? Simply because it does not overheat. The temperature does not go beyond 100C, which means there is less scalding and food catching and burning at the bottom of the pan. This also meant that when you make something like a Halwa, that needs constant stirring, if made by the conventional method on the hob, with my Multiccoker, I simply walked away and stirred every 10 minutes or so. The Halwa took about 50 minutes to cook, and I left the lid open in the last 10 minutes, when the Halwa was really thickening. I was really pleased because the Multicooker simply took the effort out of the job.

Last night, I tried making this Peas Pilaf (Pulao) in the Multicooker. It was absolutely perfect. Check out the long grains of the Basmati Rice.


Quick Peas Pulao/ Pilaf – A easy way to perfect Indian cooking.

Well, I must say I’m delighted with my experiments on this Multicooker and as I go along, I will share my recipes with you.

If you want to get cooking without much hassle, just get yourself one.



I was sent this Multicooker to review, the views are entirely my own.

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