Mini Chopper from Judge- a fab addition to your kitchen

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As I keep saying, a good kitchen needs good gadgets. They just reduce your efforts and make cooking a pleasure.

The latest addition to my kitchen is a lovely Mini chopper from Judge Cookware.


It is a cute little contraption with a sizeable glass bowl that sits on a plastic base to prevent slipping. It has a blade and a cover. The motor is in the lid.


To use, simply put the lid onto the base and press the button. The motor is quite powerful and easily chops up carrots and onions.

I made a lovely hummus with chickpeas, pickled peppers and garlic. It was delicious! I loved looking at the hummus through the glass bowl as it was getting minced.



It made in hummus sooo quickly. I did add a good splash of olive oil and tahini too.


You can see the texture of the hummus yourself, quite nice and soft, but like I said, if you want a more chopped consistency, rather than a mush like this, do use it in 20 second bursts.


The chopper can be used to mince a variety of things , whether it is fruit, meat or poultry. Biscuits and bread are also easily processed.

You can also puree soups and baby food. Just ensure that the contents do not exceed 500 ml.

You could mince ingredients for making fishcakes, mince onions and tomatoes for your curry- it is so versatile!

Do remember to use hold the Power button down only for 20 seconds at a time. It helps pulse and chop better rather than mush up the food.


I quite enjoyed using this mini chopper. Cleaning it is so easy! Simply rinse the glass bowl, blade and lid under running water. As always, I prefer to wash my favourite gadgets by hand, however tempting the dishwasher is. I just feel stuff lasts longer.

If you’re impressed and can’t wait to get your hands on it, do go over to Judge cookware to find your nearest stockist.

Believe me, this machine is very useful and ain’t just gonna sit pretty on your worktop!

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