Landon Tyler Diffusers- a review

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I love a fragrant smelling home, so I am constantly trying out different candles and diffusers.  They just make the home smell so welcoming.

Smells from cooking and not-so-fresh air get trapped in the house, especially in closed heated homes and small rooms and this can be a little off putting.

These lovely fresh fragrances from Landon Tyler are the perfect solution to these everyday problems.

Recently I had the opportunity to try out 2 of their diffuser fragrances-  Tuscan Garden and Citrus Grove.

The scents are so fragrant and fresh, they seem make the entire room smell so fresh, as if heralding the arrival of spring.


I really loved the fragrance. It is strong, though not overwhelmingly so,  as in it does not float out of the room and make you wonder .. oh where’s that fragrance coming from, but it lovingly envelopes you in its soft freshness as soon as you step into the room, just lifting your spirits and making you think- oh that smells good!

That’s the kind of fragrance I like.

So why diffusers and not candles?

I think diffusers are less hassle.All you have to do is stick the reeds into the bottle of fragrance and slowly the fragrance fills the air of the room. No hassle of lighting , no fear of fires. It just fragrances the air constantly, for a steady 12 weeks, and at £12 for 100ml , I’d say that’s quite a bargain, wouldn’t you?

So more about Landon Tyler. They specialise in home fragrances- diffusers and candles. The diffusers are available in 12 fragrances- one for each mood and season. The bottles are really goodlooking and step up the decor.

They are available at Boots and Amazon. Do check out their website for more stockists and at £12 for 100ml that will last you 12 weeks, I’d say that is worth checking out.
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isclosure:  I was sent the  diffuser to review and not required to write anything positive. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my very own.
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