Kingfisher Beer and Tyga Spice Kits for a great Indian food experience

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Britain love for curry and beer is undeniable and Chicken curry features as its #1 favourite.

So, to celebrate 19th National Curry Week 2016 ( 10-16th October ) , Kingfisher Beer has teamed up with Tyga and sent me a crate of Kingfisher Beer  and a Tyga Indian Meal kit to cook a delicious Indian meal at home.


The Tyga Meal kit box is a very interesting thing. It comes with spices in little pots, tailor-made for the recipe.

Every month the spice box has a different menu. This is what my spice box contained

20161009-p1170492 20161009-p1170488

The box has the spice mix , tomato paste and even garlic oil and curry leaves neatly laid out for each recipe.


It also has recipe cards for each recipe in detail.




I tried the Cumin potatoes first, and believe it or not, an 8 year old could make it, under supervision of course.

All you had to do was slice the potatoes thinly and use salt and oil for cooking . All the spices were there in the box.



So you simply heated the oil in a pan, added in the spices from the box, added in the potatoes and salt and stir fried it for 15-20 minutes. That’s it!

Check out how beautifully the Cumin potatoes have come out. Just like my mom would’ve made them. I was quite impressed. Many people can get a simple thing like Cumin potatoes, so so wrong. They add far too much coriander powder i it. But this mixture, created by Chef Shahin from Tyga, is really good.

20161009-p1170504 20161009-p1170502

I tried each and every recipe in the Tyga Box and it was perfect.

Check it out

Mushroom Bhaji:

20161011-p1170530 20161011-p1170533

Lamb Dhansaak


Chicken Chettinad


Here’s the fab Indian meal that we had. I was delicious. The flavours were well rounded. Most of the spice boxes that you get do not have balanced flavours, but Tyga has got it right!

We really loved the Chettinad Chicken and the Cumin potatoes, they are superlative. The Lamb Dhansaak and Mushroom bhaji are also really very tasty.


What I really liked about the Tyga spice boxes is that there is no wastage. They are perfect for curry lovers, who want the joy of cooking a curry in their own home without the hassle of loading their cupboards with tons of spices which they would never otherwise use. Otherwise, a simple recipe like this would’ve needed you to buy packets of turmeric, chilli powder, coriander powder and cumin seeds , while more complicated recipes would’ve needed Kasuri methi, Kashmiri chilli powder, garam masala , ginger- garlic pastes and so on and so forth. The list is unending.

Tyga gives you the joy of cooking complex Indian meals in your home very easily. You just need to buy the fresh ingredients.

So if you want a hassle-free Indian meal cooked at home, without much effort, try Tyga.

It is effortless.

For more options and information, do check the Tyga website


I was sent some Kingfisher Beer and a spice kit from Tyga. I was not required to write a positive review. All experiences and opinions expressed herein, as are as always, my very own.


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