Good Food and Wine and Cheer. Merry Christmas everyone!

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After a weeklong fun-filled holiday in sunny Rome, we are back to lovely London, back to the clouds and rain and the storm ­čÖü

And what a week that was!

Antiquity, culture, food, warm weather (well, certainly warmer than London- had 2 less layers there), I don’t know where to begin.

Maybe I’ll start at the end ­čÖé

It was really amusing when at the serpentine queue at  London airport, I saw a man with a really interesting totebag.

It read


I couldn’t zip out my phone to take a quick picture you see, so I drew this little picture for you instead!

Haha.┬áHow it made me laugh.. because it couldn’t have spelt it out more perfectly.

What a gastronomic tour- all 3 meals breakfast, lunch, dinner were a true delight to the senses. The look, the taste, the feel- all lingered for a long time!

Rome, and I’m sure the rest of Italy too, is a wonderland when it comes to food- specially for kids- its like being in Pizza Pasta heaven. Not one moan in 5 days. Thats a first!

So now back to London on Christmas day, we decided to keep the Italian theme going by having this wonderful Panetonne for breakfast.

It was yum!

20131225-P1070051 20131225-P1070058 20131225-P1070062

My readers, have a very merry Christmas- good times, good friends, good cheer!

And don’t forget the food!

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