Fro Fru – the Frozen dessert maker- a review

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When summer is around and the hot relentless sun is beating down on you, all you want is a nice big bowl of cold, cold icecream.

Most of us stay away from ice-cream, what with the huge calorie content, the sugar laden treat is a big no-no.

Judge Fro Fru solves this problem by converting frozen fruit into ice-cream instantly. Well not exactly icecream, but more a sorbet-like consistency.

This clever machine converts frozen fruit into an instant frozen dessert.


So what exactly is this Fro Fru and what does it do?

The machine is made up of a few parts, all of which can be assembled/ taken apart very quickly.

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So how does it work?

You need some frozen fruit.

Either use frozen fruit from the supermarket- raspberries, strawberries or blackberry. Or then you can use fruit of your choice- watermelon, mango, banana- let your imagination run wild.

Chop them into small pieces and freeze. You could even pop the pieces into ice cube trays for easy retrieval. Then pop the frozen fruit into the dispenser and start the machine.

Remember to position your serving bowl. glass right under the machine. The machine’s design enables you to put the serving bowl right under it and within seconds you have the most delicious sorbet ready to eat.

I tried making dessert with mango, watermelon, banana, blackberries and  raspberries. I found that the texture of frozen banana dessert resembles vanilla ice-cream very closely, while fruits having more water content like water melon, look more like sorbet, but taste very delicious.

20160519-P1160283 20160519-P1160284

Here’s some of the watermelon sorbet I made.

20160713-P1160514  20160713-P1160531  20160713-P1160536

Looks delicious eh?

For a bit of variety, try putting in a handful of frozen mint alongwith the watermelon, absolutely delicious.

If you observe closely you can see the difference in texture, the water melon dessert comes out in bits and more like a sorbet unlike the banana, blackberry and blueberry dessert which has a softer texture.

My thoughts on the Fro Fru:

Operating the Fro Fru is fun, even a child can do it.

Cleaning it is easy too. Simply take it apart and wash under running water. No fuss at all.

This is a hit with children of course, grown up too and I think especially old people because they cannot eat as much dessert as their heart desires.

This is a good way of getting their 5 – a – day deliciously!

For more ideas, do visit the Judge Cookware website .

Get your own at  at any High Street cookshop or from Amazon.



Many thanks to Judge Cookware for sending me the Fro Fru for evalutaion. All thoughts and views expressed herein are my very own.
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