Excellent Butchers Block from Stellar

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Do you like knives and chopping boards? Then this Butchers block from Stellar is just the right thing for you.

Made out of beechwood, it is as goodlooking as it can be. One can’t help thinking that this one is going to see years and years of use in the kitchen.

Butchers Block- (photo courtesy- Stellar)

It is quite thick and substantial- – around 4cm deep and quite sizable as well. 40cm long, 20 cm wide and 4 cm deep- now that’s a good sized block, wouldn’t you agree?

I love the recessed handles on the underside, makes it so easy to move it around.



Also Stellar has very thoughtfully put non-slip rubber feet . This will prevent your worst nightmare from occurring- ie the block slipping while you’re chopping away with the cleaver!

This range from Stellar also has other products like Pizza Paddles, Chopping boards and a beautiful extendable trivet.

 Cutting Board

 Also, as usual Stellar has provided excellent quality at very reasonable prices. So do make your kitchen proud and buy yourself a few good looking products from this range from this range from Stellar Cookware.

Product Code Description ASP
SW81 Stellar Kitchen, Beech Extendable Trivet, 23 x 15 x 2cm £8.40
SW82 Stellar Kitchen, Beech Cutting Board, 27 x 22 x 2cm £16.80
SW84 Stellar Kitchen, Beech Cutting Board, 30 x 25 x 2cm £21.70
SW86 Stellar Kitchen, Beech Cutting Board, 35 x 27 x 2cm £25.20
SW88 Stellar Kitchen, Beech Cutting Board, 39 x 29 x 2cm £30.24
SW90 Stellar Kitchen, Beech Cutting Board, 47 x 35 x 2cm £40.60
SW92 Stellar Kitchen, Beech Pizza Serving Board, 30 x 1.5cm £21.70
SW94 Stellar Kitchen, Beech Butchers Block, 40 x 26 x 4cm £46.20
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