Castello Cheese- a review

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It was a few days before Valentines and my doorbell rang. I was pleasantly surprised to see someone holding up a beautiful bag in his hand and asking for me. Here’s something for you from Castello Cheese, he said.

I love love love cheese and am always cooking or experimenting with it. I was really curious to see what they had sent me.


The bag revealed these 4 beautiful cheeses and a heart shaped slate cheeseboard.

Well, I simply had to make something special, warming and cheesy with these.


Cheese and Corn balls

So for Valentine’s Day, I used the lovely strong Cheddar Cheese to make Spicy Corn and Cheese Balls with Jalapeno.

On the weekend, the weather was stormy and terribly wet. I still had some more cheese to experiment with- the Danish Blue and the Creamy White Cheese.

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3 Cheese Potato Pie

So I made the heartwarming Three Cheese, Potato and Caramelised Onion pie from the remaining cheeses. It was extremely delicious. We licked every last bit.


The last of the cheeses was the intriguing Pineapple Cheese- Ananas Cheese. I have a special soft corner for cheese with sweet things in them. So this particular cheese really caught my eye.


And it was really really good.

It was fabulous, soft and creamy with hints of pineapple, it did not get overly sweet but was well rounded by the crunchy almond crust.


So if you want to drink something with that cinnamon spiced Ice tea, this would be perfect.


Having said that, I think it would be excellent paired with mulled wine as well. So come Christmas, you know which cheese you should be looking for.

Castello Cheese- a name you gotta remember!

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