Castello Cheese and Bacon Blues at Ed’s Easy Diner

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Castello makes some great cheese. I am frankly, quite addicted to their pineapple cheese, which is a real delight.

Their new product is a blue cheese created specifically for burgers. Its basically their extra creamy Danish Blue, cut to a perfect size for a burger.


Well, that got me wondering how it would work. Most burgers I’ve eaten use mild, melting cheese. I wonder how blue cheese would work. Would it be overpowering?

So we went off to Ed’s Easy Diner who have partnered with Castello  to make a special  ‘Bacon Blues’ burger using the Castello Burger Blue cheese. This  is their Burger of the month for July across the UK.


As you can see the burger looks lush and the melting blue cheese makes it even more tempting. We had their “regular” size, which we thought was perfect for our appetites.


I think the Burger Blue cheese worked quite well with the meat. The salty, smoky flavours of the cheese goes very well with the grilled patty, setting off the richness of the beef. I think I’m converted. No more bland, sweet cheeses on burgers for me.

Tip: Put the cheese slice on the patty while it is still on the grill, just before you take it off. Don’t wait till the beef is resting before adding the cheese. That will give you the lush, melted look.

Disclaimer: We were a guest of Castello at Ed’s Easy Diner but were not required to write a positive review.
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