Aux Armes de Bruxelles- a must visit for seafood lovers

By : | 4 Comments | On : February 15, 2016 | Category : Restaurant review

Our first day in the lovely city of Brussels brought us to this restaurant, one of the few non tourist-trap places that was close to where we live. The streets are lined with these obnoxious guys smiling their evil smile trying to lure you into their little street side cafes with the promise of great food – which is a mix of Bolognaise, paella, fried chicken and chips and such. A big no no for me – unless desperate. My philosophy is to eat good local food. It might cost a it bit more, but you get to taste really good food.


So in our quest for local food, we came across this little restaurant. The ambience was relaxed and the service excellent. The waiters were very courteous. Me and my son decided to order some seafood while my husband ordered some veal.


The scallops were large, lovely and very flavourful. they were served on a bed of well seasoned leeks, and the meal was rounded off with some potatoes. An absolute delight to eat.


The veal was ok, wouldn’t say it was the best we’ve had. It was served with some lemon butter, water cress and a side of petit pois and potatoes.


The mussels came in a lovely wine and cream sauce. They were very fresh, really good quality. We just polished them off.

So if you’re in the heart of Brussels, and looking for a bit of calm after a long day of trudging the streets and soaking in the sights, do make your way to this little gem of a restaurant and get your share of some fab seafood. the restaurant is on the expensive side, but the food is well worth it. The above 3 dishes with a glass of Rose cost us around 100 Euros.

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