A fabulous spread of the most delicious teas

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Tea features very highly in my daily life and I suppose across all humanity – whether as a wake-me-up drink, calm-me-down tea or just to beat the winter blues.

I too am a great lover of tea – be it the Indian cooked milky tea, green tea or fruit teas; I simply love love love tea.

So when I was sent a fabulous hamper from PG Tips with their range of new fruit and herbal teas, I was really really happy. The fact that it was accompanied by Monkey was the icing on the cake!


So that gave me another reason to host a party – a wonderful tea party with the PG monkey in tow.

My friends and I experimented with all the flavours to find out which flavour we like the most- and we had quite a range, mind you.

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We had the Delicate Camomile, Juicy Red Berries, Redbush and Vanilla, Aromatic Spices & Mint and Green Tea. The teas are an absolute delight, and each one an unique experience.


It was great fun to try the various teas and hands down the verdict was that Aromatic Spices and Mint tea was the best. The mint reminded us of the Morrocan tea in the streets of Marrakesh. Combined with the cinnamon and clove flavours, they were an absolute delight.


But hey, don’t get influenced by me, try them; you won’t regret  it!

I am already addicted – they match my many moods through the day.

Get your own cuppa here!

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