A fabulous Carving Knife from Judge

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Not everyone carves meat well. Fact.

In fact many people dread carving up the roast and the job is assigned to one member in the family who can carve it up without making much of a mess.

Whether it cutting the everyday bread, or carving a Sunday roast or a party or then Christmas, presentation is key.

And,  therefore, you do need gadgets that make your life simple.

This versatile Electrical Carving Knife from Judge will have all your carving needs sorted.

Whether you want to carve that piece of ham or chicken or even slice bread, this is your tool to go to.



It is made of 2 parts- the motor and the blades. Very very sharp blades.


To remove, simply press the eject button. To insert the blades push in until you hear a click. That’s it.


The blades lock in together. Then it’s easy peasy.  You slice away!

The blades are very easy to detach and very easy to clean. Simply wash under running water and of course, mind those fingers!


Whether its the hard to slice corner, or the soft middle, nothing is hard for this fabulous knife.


you just slice away!


Within seconds, you have perfectly sliced bread everytime.

We tried slicing delicate Reindeer meat too! Yes, reindeer meat! It does help having a Finnish friend, you get to eat all kinds of exotic food.




To make this delicious meal, we simply sliced the reindeer meat thin.

Then grate some salt and pepper onto the plate. Fry on a flat frying pan for about 2-3 minutes on each  side. Sprinkle with chilli flakes and some Himalayan salt.

Serve hot!

To get yourself this excellent tool, do hop over to the Judge website and get this Electrical Carving Knife-order one for yourself. Pronto!

Can’t recommend it enough.


I was sent this Knife for testing and was not required to write a positive review. All experiences and views expressed herein, are as always, my very own!
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