10 Bengali recipes for this Pujo- a celebration of the Goddess this Navratri

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Durga Puja  or Pujo as it is referred to, is the biggest festival in Bengal. Celebrated over the rest of India as Navaratri- nine days of celebrating the Goddess, in the East, the celebration is quite different. Durga is treated as the daugther who comes home with her children, to be pampered and fed, loved and revered. All year long, people wait and shop for the Pujo as it is called- for those 4 days , Shashti (sixth day ) to Navami ( ninth day) and then on Vijayadashmi / Dussera (tenth day), she is bid a tearful goodbye amidst the Ulu and Shankhanaad- most emotional.

But what every Indian, specially every Bengali looks forward to is the food- the bhog.

Here are a few recipes that are very dear to the Bengali heart.

Try them!

Begun Bhaja– The eternal favourite- makes its appearance whatever the occasion.


Alurchop– A deep fried potato snack that’s quick to make and good to eat1


Motorshuti Kochuri


Vegetable Chop– Made out of beetroots and others this is the quintessential Bengali version of the croquette.

Vegetable chop

Alur dum– Everyones favourite even at wedding banquets.


Bhapa Doi– The steamed yoghurt delight that Calcutta is famous for!


Patishapta– A  coconut filled crepe, that is both easy to make, delicious and very unique to Bengal and Assam.


Mango Chutney– a tart and sweet delight

Mango chutney

Tomato Chutney– excellent use of tomatoes and a must in most meals.


And now for the non-veg loving Bengalis!

Maach bhaja– FIsh fry

Maach bhaja

Dimer Dalna– The Bengali Egg curry

Dimer Dalna

Prawn Malai Curry– Prawns in a delicate coconut curry

Prawn Malai curry

Cod in Mustard Sauce– SHorshe bhape adapted to the Western Cod. Try this with Ilish or Prawns

Cod in Mustard sauce

Kosha Mangsho– The inimitable Bengali meat curry- delightfully sinful.

Kosha Mangsho

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