Taste of London- a terrific foodie experience

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Taste of London- The Festive Edition is here this week at the beautiful Tobacco Docks. It was a lovely sunny day to visit today, although quite nippy, so the indoor location was perfect.



As usual , there were a lot of food stalls, and we started with a few wine tastings and then started off our culinary adventure . 20151120-P1150002 ( My philosophy exactly)

We started off tasting ( and buying, of course! ) some  really fancy cheese, wines and champagnes.

I was really bowled over by this ‘ Made in London’ cheese stall and ended up buying some some soft cheese that I though would go very well with our sandwiches and some Camembert that was to die for.


Then we went to this really lovely stall Drury and Alldis and tasted the most fabulous Vinegars – Raspberry vinegar- that even has the colour of Raspberries. I ended up buying a few vinegars- Truffle, Lemon and Raspberry for myself and a few bottles to gift.



Lunch started off with a fabulous Venison burger from Chef Todiwala’s Cafe Spice Namaste.


I must say Venison never tasted so good.  I am still drooling over the taste- perfectly spiced, perfectly cooked. No flashy spices, and  melt-in-the-mouth delicious.


I am a great fan of Chef Todiwala’s cooking and he truly has perfected the art of cooking, bringing the best of Indian cooking to the British world.

We had several other things- Duck burgers, tikka wraps, sliders, wine, champagne.

The food was good. And the ambience beautiful.

As I’d got there around 12, when there wasn’t too much crowd, and got to sample a lot of delicious stuff as well.


Asda was displaying its best festive food. I got to watch a cooking demonstration by Asda’s chef.


She was demonstrating some really good festive recipes.


We also got to sample some really good dessert from Asda. In particular, I liked the delicious, really boozy Christmas Pudding Fig & Brandy Parcel with Cinnamon Sugar & Winter Berry and Prosecco Cheese, presented beautifully in a cigar shaped sticka fitting ending to our culinary adventure.


So if you do go there, I have some recommendations for you.

DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT miss the Venison burgers at Cafe Spice Namaste. I am still drooling.

Do pay a visit to the Blackwood’s Cheese Company stall- they have the most fabulous cheese. I am guilty of having spent a lot of money there.

And finally – do visit Drury and Aldis’ stall for fine vinegar and Oils. They have this really cool concept of split bottles- 3 250 ml bottles that nest into each other. You can choose oils and vinegars  of your choice and they stack  into 1 bottle and look beautiful especially because they have different colours. So it looks as if there is one  bottle with 3 layers of colours. And what’s even better is that they also sell refills in plastic bottles- for whenever you need to top up. Smart eh?

Their Raspberry Vinegar is truly out of this world. I would highly recommend that. I bought Lemon flavored olive oil, truffle oil and Raspberry vinegar, and then half an hour later trooped in again to buy some more as gifts!


After all what is better than the gift of food?

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