Breakfast Grapefruit Cocktail

  • Servings : 2
  • Prep Time : 5m
  • Ready In : 5m

So what do you do when life throws challenges at you? Do you accept the challenge and rise up to the situation or then, do you succumb under the pressure and crumble?

I think if you have a happy (read well-fed) tummy, then you are ready to take on whatever curveball the day throws at you and you will emerge winner.

I am often presented with challenges in the kitchen. Hubby dear, who is a little too fond of food, often returns with some strange specimens from his shopping expedition- and I am then faced with this weird situation of not knowing what to do with it,  but also not being able to say ‘ What on earth have you brought? I have no clue about what to make with this!’ It would certainly break the poor man’s heart.

So a few weeks ago, he bought me some Ginger Beer and said try making something different with this- maybe use it in one of your fresh fruit juices. Well, the problem is that ginger ale or ginger beer makes me very nostalgic- it always whisks me back to my childhood days, to Colaba, in Bombay, where I lived till I was about 11. Somehow, summers never agreed with me and exposure to the sun would invariably bring on severe dehydration. My Dad would then always run down to the little Irani shop downstairs and get Ginger Ale for me. It always worked and soothed my little tummy.

Now, I only ever drink Ginger ale on long flights. It just calms me down.

Often, Monday evenings find me browsing at this lovely International Supermarket near my house, where I kill time while my son is beating away at the drums. This shop has got a great variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, and it was here that I saw these grapefruits… and my brain started ticking, what with it being Breakfast week, ‘Healthy Food’ is constantly on my mind.

So I saw the Red Grapefruit- I thought, Yes! Healthy grapefruit. We have all heard about the benefits of grapefruit, about eating half a grapefruit everyday, for optimum health and even weight loss.  Honestly, I’ve never much liked it. But here was my opportunity to use the grapefruit and the ginger ale that was waiting at home for me- and thus was born this beautiful, refreshingly delicious juice.

Its little fizzy bubbles will knock your socks off.

Do try it- you will love it!



  • Red Grapefruit- 1/2
  • Clementines ( small sweet oranges)- 4
  • Ginger beer ( ginger ale)- 100 ml



Step 1

Peel the grapefruit and the oranges.

Step 2

Pop them into the juicer.

Step 3

Pour the juice into glasses and pour 50 ml of ginger ale into each glass.


I used my beautiful Stellar juicer to make this juice.

The juicer is currently sold at £79.94 and can be bought at Amazon or Harts of Stur.

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