A weekend at Morrisons – fun vegetable shopping review

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Grocery shopping has never been a happy family event; more often than not, there is at least one small but disgruntled, grumbling, frowning person. However, this weekend was completely different because we were invited to check out the newly lowered prices at Morrisons.

Partly due to the curiosity of shopping at a new supermarket- we had never been to a Morrisons before, (simply because there wasn’t one close to where we live) and partly because we were all so excited with being selected as a Morrisons Mum and all that, we went excitedly to this huge store at Chingford.

Morrisons has slashed the price of around 1,200 everyday food essentials by up to 60 per cent and there were signs throughout the store saying ‘I’m cheaper!’ Also there is the promise that these low prices are here to stay .


I was absolutely floored by the choice of vegetables and how effectively they keep maintain the coolness of the vegetable racks. Morrisons do pride themselves on the quality of their fruits and vegetables and rightly so!

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Absolutely brilliant. I thought to myself, I’m not buying vegetables anywhere else, ever again! That extra mile to Morrisons will be well worth it! And then I reached the tomato stall. I went completely berserk, bought tons of tomatoes and promised myself a fabulous salad.


They had the usual sweet pointed peppers which my son loves, but also unusual stuff like samphire- which you don’t easily find in any other supermarket.

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Compared to my usual shopping, I found the quality of vegetables really really good for the price at which they are being sold. The free Range eggs were a good price too.  We also got a packet of 5 croissants for just 1 pound and lovely beansprouts for 50p!

And that was what I bought for just over 90 pounds – a huge shop.


It was such a huge shop that I promised to make not just one, but all of three courses from my Morrisons shopping. Here they are:

Salad– A mouthwatering Scallops ,Tomato and Chorizo salad for starters  (cost per-serving-   £1.70)

Mains-A lovely light summery Pad Thai Noodles with Prawns and Peanuts  (cost per-serving-   61p)

Dessert– Yummy Fudgy Gooey brownies!  (cost per-serving-   56p)

Now that’s saying something ain’t it?

Finally, a huge thanks to Britmums and Morrisons for choosing us to be part of their campaign and making our mundane weekend shopping so exciting.

And of course a huge huge thanks for Morrisons for providing such fresh vegetables, specially the juicy, tangy tomatoes.

I don’t know about you, but I think that as far as vegetable shopping goes, that extra mile to Morrisons is well worth it!

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